Welcome to Nevulis Beverages

Our family owned Company was founded in 2007 as a retail store located in the Lehigh Valley of N.E. Pennsylvania. Presently we have grown into a full service Wholesale Distribution Company representing over 30 Artisan Craft Producers and we manage these companies in a network covering twenty major metro markets. Our Breweries come from Northern Italy, Normandy France, Australia, Germany, Spain as well as the continental United States and make a broad range of Ale & Beer styles.

We are passionate about Artisan Craft production, our sales team is Cicerone trained and we focus on the top rated Zagat & Michelin Guide Restaurants and Retailers. Our presentations involve discussions with Artisan Chefs about quality of ingredients, depth of flavor and food pairing options. We share price options only in terms of balance, ABV, IBU's, Hops clones and yeast cultures that showcase both the flavor spectrum on the plate and in the glass.

Nevulis Beverages is a proud partner to our producers and encourage you to visit our Face Book page and follow us on Twitter to learn more about our company and how we approach the business & artistry of Artisan Craft Beer.